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During my two months at the Altran headquarters in Turin, I created a design system to facilitate the visual transition towards Capgemini Engineering and to maintain an external coherence with Capgemini.

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The design system was conceived as a useful resource in the preliminary stages of transition. An internal resource was needed to guide the visual change towards Capgemini Engineering.


When I started my internship in Turin, Altran was facing a renewal process due to the acquisition by the multinational Capgemini. What I was asked for was the creation of a design system that summarized the visual identity of Capgemini in relation to branding, colors, typography and recurring components, so that it could always be consulted and used at the headquarters.

Starting from its documentary nature, I decided to represent it in the form of a vertical scrolling document while maintaining the characteristics of the design system in terms of scalability, coherence and efficiency.

Ecosystem Map